Govt to take lead in ICT innovation – minister

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 12:06:03 +0000

GOVERNMENT has taken a lead in embracing innovative information communication technology for efficient and transparent delivery of services to the people, says Transport and Communication Minister Brian Mushimba. He said the recently launched communication towers project in Nalolo district of Western Province signified Government’s commitment and resolve to promoting access to and use of information communication technologies by all citizens regardless of their geographical location. The installation and commissioning of the communication tower in Nalolo is under Phase II of the project being undertaken by Huawei Technologies which has been connecting rural communities to the mobile phone network. Huawei Technologies, in collaboration with the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority, launched phase I of the communication network coverage project in 2014 with the aim of installing 204 telecom towers in rural areas across the country. The towers are meant to be operated by Zamtel and are designed to be scaled up to meet future needs, accompanied by guaranteed quality, according to Huawei. The system should also strengthen Zamtel’s delivery capability and enable the Government to communicate more efficiently with all its citizens, while keeping pace with market demand for data and calls. Experts say Zambia’s rapid economic growth has seen communication services and growth in mobile phone coverage lagging behind many other countries in the region. Huawei Technologies Zambia country director Emilion Ming said the project would improve communication and help stimulate economic activities in rural areas. ‘‘This project’s aim is to bring total connectivity to Zambia and it further demonstrates our efforts as a responsible company committed to integrating local people into the global community. This initiative will contribute a lot to helping improve lives in rural areas,” said Mr Ming.

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