Guarantee freedom of expression-Church

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:12:55 +0000

Freedom of expression can only be guaranteed if government exercises tolerance, Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) Bishop David Masupa, has said

Bishop Masupa said it was important that freedom of expression was exercised freely if the country was to remain democratic.

“As the church, I would like to appeal to the PF government to let the freedom of expression be exercised so that it is felt by citizens, because Zambia is a democratic nation and each and everyone has a right to talk without any fear or intimidation,” the Bishop said.

And the clergyman has observed that the level of Constitution in the country was too low and has advised everyone to be tolerant with one another.

He realised that if freedom of expression was not exercised in the country, it was obvious that people would be scared to express their views, thereby dragging the country to remain undeveloped.

“There will be no way the country can develop if people are not expressing their views because of fear of victimatisation and fear of being arrested, these are some of the issues that should be looked at ,” he said.

Bishop Masupa stated that that the PF government must understand that it was in power and should ensure that freedom was guaranteed at all cost because at no time would people stop commenting on issues affecting the country.

He has since urged members of public to learn to live within with hearts of tolerance and respect for one another if Zambia quest’s as a Christian nation was to be realised by everyone.

“We expect Zambian people to be educated on how to associate with one another in a bid to develop the country and maintaining stability and peace.”

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