Halt abuse of  public funds, says PF fundamentalist

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 10:48:16 +0000



ABUSE and embezzlement of public resources in the civil service must be stopped immediately as it can lead to stalled development, a PF fundamentalist Ntazana Musukwa has observed.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Musukwa said the Auditor General’s report which had exposed glaring misapplication and misappropriation of Government resources by some civil servants was unfortunate as it dented the image of the ruling party which the opposition was allege corruption.

He said poor work attitude by some civil servants and their tendency to abuse public resources in their custody was counterproductive hence the need to ensure that those found wanting be dealt with accordingly.

He said there was need for Government to cleanse the civil service to save the country from culprits in the habit of sabotaging the economy through unwarranted abuse and embezzlement of public resources.

He also said it was incumbent upon all civil servants to exercise political neutrality regardless of which political party they voted for as they were expected to support the implementation of the policies of the Government of the day adding that it was the surest way Zambia would develop.

“It is clear from the Auditor General’s Reports over the past three years that what is taken to be corruption in Government by some opposition leaders and their members as well as members of the public is somewhat sabotage by players in the Civil Service.

“Misapplication and misappropriation of public resources must be stopped among permanent secretaries, directors and other heads of government departments.

“Like the presidential assistant for press and public relations, Amos Chanda exemplified recently, if a budget provides for the purchase of a Nokia Phone worth K6000 but one purchases Samsung Phone at the same amount that becomes misapplication which ends up being perceived as corruption thereby putting the name of the President and his Government in disrepute, “said Mr Musukwa.

Mr. Musukwa added: “A civil service is the engine for implementation of government policies, programmes and projects. Like President Edgar Lungu put it recently, frustrating Government developmental efforts does not necessarily affect those in power but impoverishes the entire nation,”.

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