HH an ‘alarmist’

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 10:26:22 +0000


THE church and opposition leaders have cautioned UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema to stop fostering falsehoods that could cause turmoil and plunge the nation into chaos.

Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) secretary general Reverend Able Kaela has warned that Mr Hichilema should immediately stop reading false stories before he plunges the nation into a state of turmoil.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Rev Kaela advised Mr Hichilema to immediately stop the false allegations before he caused confusion in the country.

“I heard Mr Hichilema is now accusing President Edgar Lungu of focusing on privatising all key state assets in order to amass personal wealth. And he is mentioning national parks, which is cheap propaganda. Honestly how can someone stoop so low to level such accusations?” he questioned.

Rev Kaela pointed out that neighbouring Congo DR and many others countries were in states of confusion because of such propaganda.

He said that it would be very unfortunate for Zambians to become fugitives in other countries because of the selfishness of a few individuals.

Rev Kaela noted that Mr Hichilema and his clique were bent on instilling fear among citizens and cause unnecessary panic.

He pointed out that Mr Hichilema’s plan was to make himself look like a messiah when citizenry lose confidence in the current government and advocate for resume change.

And New Congress Party president, Peter Chanda has labelled Mr Hichilema as a hypocrite who gained from privatisation and now wanted to heap the blame on others.

“Zambians should ignore HH’s ranting because he is a hypocrite who took part in selling companies and mines sending many Zambians into poverty while he emerged richer,” Pastor Chanda has charged.

Pastor Chanda told the Daily Nation that Mr Hichilema’s role in privatisation of Zambia’s copper mines left many miners destitute and without employment, adding that he cannot turn round today to claim he cares for Zambians. And Government spokesperson, Kampamba Mulenga told journalists in Lusaka that there were no plans to sell any national parks and advised Mr Hichilema to stop spreading lies.

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