HH, GBM living in fantasy world

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 10:43:26 +0000

Dear Editor, Can someone kindly explain to me what the UPND party hopes to accomplish by spending most of its time in courts over issues that have long been swept under the bridge and have since lost salt? Do they think they have a chance of going to Plot One? Not even one in a million. Even if what they are doing is decorously an academic exercise, there should be some level of sanity in it because surely, does it make any sense, for instance, to begin now challenging  the swearing-in of President Lungu when this has already happened and ECL is firmly in the saddle? Of course, HH and GBM lawyers must be laughing all their way to the banks because they know they have a cool task on their hands. Can someone make these gentlemen see verity so that they can start preparing for 2021? The election of the president in Zambia was done and is a closed chapter. Now, I fully understand and appreciate why former US president Theodore Roosevelt fell in love with the term ‘lunatic fringe’. This is a term used to characterise members of a political or social movement as extremists with eccentric or fanatical views. I think that we have had enough comedy from UPND. Let them come out of torpor and face reality as men. Moses Sitali, Chaisa, Lusaka

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