I did not mislead Sata-Zulu

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 13:06:05 +0000

Sebastian Zulu has denied that he was fired as justice Minister because he was misleading president Sata on several national issues includingZambia’s extradition application for fugitive Attan Shansonga and the commissions of inquiries which have cost the government billions of Kwacha.

The sources at the ministry of Justice told the Nation that president Sata had serious misgivings on the advice Zulu was providing in many issues hence the decision to relieve him of his duties.

He admitted holding a meeting with the president but denied the allegations of incompetence.

But speaking in an interview yesterday, Zulu challenged his critics to provide evidence as to why he was fired saying he was not involved in the cases which the president felt would cost the government huge sums of money.

He has denied being involved in the Henry Banda and Attan Shansonga cases which government spent millions of Kwacha in travel and related costs.

On the Zamtel case, Zulu said the matter was in court and hence he could not have been involved in it despite the sources insisting that it was one of the main reasons why he was fired.

The sources said president Sata was not happy with the advice Zulu was providing in the Lap Green case, the Dora Siliya Radar matter and Henry Banda’s involvement in Zamtel case.

“Zulu held a meeting with the president where he was told of his inadequacies. He however could not accept the charges by the president,” the sources said.

The sources said the first instance when Mr Sata was disappointed with Mr Zulu was when he had indicated that the Lap Green report was ready and was just waiting for an appointment with the President.

“Some of the reports that he presented to the President were hollow and that some of these cases could have cost government huge sums of money.” The sources said.

Mr Zulu was fired lat week by president Sata and replaced him with Mr Wynter Kabimba PF secretary general.



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