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THE Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and Zambia Music Copyright Protection Society (ZAMCOPS) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to compel broadcasting stations to remit royalties for musical content to ZAMCOPS.

Speaking at the signing ceremony in Lusaka, IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma said broadcast stations relied on musical works for their programming and were required by law to obtain licences from ZAMCOPS which was the only authorised collective management organisation in Zambia.

She said over the years it was evident that broadcasting stations had not been consistent with remitting royalties to ZAMCOP hence the initiative.

Ms Mapoma expressed confidence that the MOU would not only lead to better collection of royalties from broadcast stations but would also promote the production of musical works, that met the highest ethical standards based on best media practice.

Ms Mapoma said it was now up to artistes to have radio edits for their music so as to have an appropriate music for broadcasting.

Meanwhile, ZAMCOPS general manager Juliana Lungu Chilombo said the society was thankful to IBA for accepting to partner with the organisation to collect royalties from radio and television stations.

She said ZAMCOPS was a collective management organisation that was tasked to collect royalties under the copyright and Performance Rights Act no 44 of 1994.

Ms. Chilombo said the remuneration of artists would create employment in the country as they would have a steady income.

“For a song to be released on the market there are several people that are involved writers, composers, producers, backing vocalists, instrumentalists so the development will improve their living standards,”she said.

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