Job hunters warned, stop inciting President

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 08:20:55 +0000


STOP inciting President Edgar Lungu to fire some Cabinet Ministers on the pretext that they have failed to perform simply because you want jobs, Southern Province PF deputy secretary Leonard Siachona has charged.

Mr. Siachona said the party in the province was increasingly becoming irritated with people who were relentlessly calling for the dismissal of some ministers disregarding the impact of such manoeuvres on national development.

He said in an interview that as a result of the continued demand from some sections of society to have certain individuals sacked from Government, efficiencies had crept in some offices as some individuals’ output had slowed down following continued calls for their dismissal.

He called for patience among people from within and outside the party and advised them to realise that there could only be a limited number of people to serve the Zambians at a given time and that the President knew the capabilities of each of those he had appointed.

Mr. Siachona said those who were demanding that President Lungu must make wholesale changes to his Cabinet were misguided as they had no clue of what it meant to govern a country.

He said that even if their concerns were genuine and premised on inefficiencies of certain people, leadership was a learning process hence the decision by the Head of State to be patient with certain individuals despite their flaws.

“This misguided notion that whoever seems to have failed must be fired must come to an end. These demands by some people within and outside the party that some people must be fired are baseless because this is taking a toll on the efficiency of people in office because their fate is not known.

“Since they don’t know whether they will still be in office tomorrow, they cannot plan properly and at the end of the day, national development suffers,” he said

He called for an end to such negative, targeted, and personal attacks as doing so brought to question the genuineness of the appointing authority when the President’s preoccupation was to ensure that Zambia received the best services that will translate into national development.

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