Kamba ticks off UPND

Thu, 29 Sep 2016 09:13:34 +0000


OPPOSITION United Party for National Development is free to take their election petition anywhere they want because they are just time wasters, says PF Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba.

Mr Kamba said UPND had now become a cry baby party which complained about everything.

He said they were free to take their presidential petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because it was their democratic right and no one could stop them.

Mr Kamba, however, reminded the UPND that there was already a case at the ICC against them which was still under investigations.

He said the party was petitioned by two concerned Zambian citizens over crimes against humanity in Southern Province where innocent people had their thatched houses burnt and while scores of them were displaced for supporting the ruling PF party and for being non-Tongas.

“We are not afraid. Let them go ahead and as far as I am concerned it is the UPND who stole the votes and initiated violence in their strongholds.

“How can Dundumwezi have 35, 000 votes while President Lungu got about 250 votes just from one particular constituency?’’ he asked.

He said it was clear that Zambians knew that Hakainde Hichilema and UPND stole the votes, further urging the investigative wings and Government to find out and investigate the matter.

He alleged that HH and UPND stole the votes by using some Chiefs and subjects from the province so that they could win the election and that was why he has refused to accept the election results.

Mr Kamba said the PF didn’t steal a single vote, but the people of Zambia voted for them because they had confidence in the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

“This is why they re-elected him so that he can continue with good policies and developmental projects he embarked on countrywide.

“We never won the elections through violence or dubiously. We won because of the good manifesto which made people vote for the PF government back into office. No one reported the PF to police over violence because we are law abiding citizens and you cannot win an election through the court but through the ballot paper,’’ he said.

Mr Kamba charged that the UPND thought that they would win any seat in Lusaka and Copperbelt, but they didn’t manage because people wanted serious and tested leadership.


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