Kambwili a cry baby

Wed, 07 Feb 2018 07:47:46 +0000

CHISHIMBA Kambwili is not only an intellectual midget but is actually an uncouth and foul-mouthed coarse individual.  He represents everything reprehensible in a rogue.

He has adopted a highly-risky scheme of stirring a storm at every turn in a manner that brazenly transgresses the law.

Kambwili is trying to whip up support but the manner in which  he is doing so will soon spell doom for his organisation’s future and that of his own as a politician.

This is a draconian way of trying to attract public attention and sympathy which unfortunately is working to his disadvantage. This kind of stunt is exposing his innermost frustrations and inability to act with level-headedness.

Yes, he enjoys his monologue but little does he realise that the bulk of his outbursts are enormously deficient both in logic and substance.

His verbal attacks on his opponents are evidently defamatory and the man proceeds with unguarded statements on matters that are confidential for they came to his attention while he served as Cabinet minister.

It is very clear now that he has abandoned his Roan constituency to concentrate on distorted political discourse to remain in the limelight. Soon, he will become irrelevant!

Kambwili will do well to change his iron-fisted strategy, which is not only reducing him to a chatter box, but also sapping energy out of his bulky frame at great speed.

Political rumbling can never be the best bait to entice membership to the fragile NDC, but a sign of political immaturity and personal bitterness.

The gentleman must stop being a cry baby each time he is summoned by law enforcement officers but must stand firm to face the law.

Miners and other people require sober representation and ideas that will redeem their hopes and not elements that are determined to obliterate the political landscape.

Matters relating to labour should be handled from a labour perspective with due regard to all statutes which include the Employment Act, Industrial and Labour Relations Act and the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act.

We expect Kambwili to debate intelligently on labour and other matters without insulting anyone. In fact, he was at one time minister in charge of labour who, we  think,  should be well-versed with regulations.

In any case, opposition political party leaders should provide checks and balances and not alarming statements aimed at inciting the people.

Other than labour matters, we expect that the likes of Kambwili must offer guidance on entrepreneurial and trade skills which are a catalyst to self-employment.

Currently, Zambia requires valuable political and social commentary for the development agenda to proceed without encumbrances.

It will be ideal for Kambwili to start articulating issues that will inspire not only his members in the NDC but all Zambians.

We expect that Kambwili will give an alternative to the current Seventh National Development Plan and also give his party’s position on the economic stabilisation growth programme that Government has initiated.

The citizens will also be pleased to learn how Kambwili can articulate issues on the country’s strides towards fiscal consolidation.

It is important too for the opposition leader to sober up and sell his alternative ideas on promoting growth in the rural outposts to stem the rural-urban drift.

This is the opportune time for him to consolidate his party by explaining how else attractive economic fundamentals can be sustained. The exchange rate is K9 to US$1, economic growth rate at 5.0 this year while inflation is still at single digit – 6.2 per cent.

It is also in the public domain that the fiscal deficit this year has been projected to reduce to 6.3 percent from last year’s 7.0 percent while in 2019 and 2020 it is envisioned to further decrease to 4.3 percent and 2.6 percent respectively.

We, therefore, challenge Kambwili to eloquently debate economic indicators and how they can be improved. This must be done in a sober and coherent manner.

Let him for once hold back his emotional upsurge and engage the public with proper decorum.leka had over the weekend invited the NDC to join forces with them to fight the PF.

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