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By Chintu Malambo

EXPELLED Patriotic Front (PF) Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has sued the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda and three other PF members over alleged defamatory statements issued against him.

According to separate statements of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Dr Kambwili claimed exemplary damages for slander on the alleged defamatory statements issued to the press.

Dr Kambwili accused Mr Chanda of calling him a scrap metal thief in an interview that was alleged given to online publication News Diggers.

He alleged that the said words were understood to mean that he was a well-known documented scrap metal thief and a thief in general.

“Chanda told the News Diggers that people have been poisoned by a poisonous elite, people who are accustomed to lies like me Kambwili, a scrap metal dealer, a downright straight thief.

“He can question about me and say ‘a simple journalist’ (has acquired wealth) let’s assume I am a simple journalist but am qualified, more qualified than me Kambwili.

“That I am a scrap metal dealer and I have a population clapping for me. I go to malign an innocent person and the population is cheering for on. That am a metal thief, well documented and that am not even a scrap metal dealer am a thief,” he submitted.

Dr Kambwili alleged that Chanoda Ngwira, Ibrahim Mwamba and Munir Zulu whom he has also sued in their individual capacity ridiculed him in the eyes of right thinking members of the public during a press conference at Chrisma hotel

“Chanoda Ngwira said I am not deserving of the title as Doctor as I acquired it in a questionable manner that I am impotent and mentally challenged, that I am a danger to all women and I bluntly disrespect them so much so that there is need for intervention of Non-Governmental Organisations and that I am possessed by evil spirits and cannot rightly be a leader in Zambia as a Christian nation.’’

“Ibrahim Mwamba said I have a mental disorder that I am irresponsible to the extent that I have been living off my wife who was left with the responsibility of supporting me and my children and that am a well-known swindler as I solicited money from mines on the Copperbelt also that I am a hypocritical Christian who does not take heed to the word of God as preached by the church and that I insist on being a leader when God has not ordained me as such and this is proved by my bad and unchristian like behaviour,’’ he said.

“Munir Zulu said I suffered from a disease of the mind because my behaviour in the public does not inspire hope and thwart I was the reason I had accidents whenever I was driving,”

Dr Kambwili demanded damages for mental strain and aguish and injunctions to restrain the four from uttering the said or similar slanderous statements against him.

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