Kambwili’s integrity under scrutiny

Sat, 27 Jan 2018 11:47:37 +0000


PATRIOTIC Front youths in Lusaka have warned expelled PF Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili to stop dragging State House in issues that he cannot substantiate.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, PF member Munir Zulu challenged Mr Kambwili to bring evidence over the allegation that State House was after his life.

Mr Zulu said PF youths would not let Mr Kambwili  go scot-free over wild allegations he had continued making and that the law should there-fore take its course.

Mr Zulu questioned Mr Kambwili’s integrity following the many claims he had continued making.

He said PF youths would not sit idle and watch Mr Kambwili bring the name of the party and President Edgar Lungu into disrepute.

Mr Zulu explained that  before the 2016 general elections, Mr Kambwili was flown to South Afri-ca for medical attention over a serious ailment and  was treated and came back but has never told an-yone the nature of the disease he was being treat-ed for.

And Mr Zulu said he had not received any sum-mons from Mr Kambwili contrary to his claims.

He challenged Mr Kambwili to be man enough and stop ranting like a mad man.

He said he doubted Mr Kambwili’s mental status because he seemed to have a problem with his memory.

” If Mr Kambwili dies today he will die over untold sickness and not poison from State House because there is no such thing that took place in fact he poisoned himself and Mr  Kambwili is al-ready sick and can die any time soon, hence he just wants to find an excuse and a person to blame,” said Mr Zulu.

Meanwhile another PF member, Chanoda Ngwira alleged that former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba had a meeting in Avondale yesterday with young people where he paid them K200 each so that they bring 50 people each as a way of membership.

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