Kampyongo warns police traffic officers

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By MUKOSELA KASALWE                                             

 HEADS will roll in the police traffic command if undesignated and unnecessary mounting of road blocks persist, warns Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo.

Mr Kampyongo said the mounting of road blocks in the middle of residential areas should be discouraged as it was inconveniencing the public.

He said police traffic officers should stop having unnecessary road blocks or he would be forced to change the entire police traffic command.

The minister was speaking in Lusaka yesterday  when he featured on Radio Phoenix and said he expected police traffic officers to heed the stipulated guidelines.

“I agree with the callers that the setting up of road blocks in the middle of residential areas should be discouraged.

I spoke about this matter in Parliament and expect officers to follow the instructions if not I will be forced to change the whole police traffic command,” he said.

Making a phone contribution, FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza bemoaned the rampant mounting of road blocks and that some police traffic officers would hide at nearby buses to catch unsuspecting motorists.

Mr Mwanza accused such officers of pocketing monies realised from such operations and urged the minister to bring such activities to a stop.

Mr Mwanza said the police should find better mechanisms of crowd control especially when handling riots or demonstrations.

Another caller,  H.M. said it was worrying that roadblocks were being mounted within a radius of 15 kilometres.

A caller who identified himself as Proud said when a crime occurs the police would always request for transport logistics for them to visit the crime scene.

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