Kasume dares top UPND leadership

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 12:57:18 +0000

By Nation Reporter

IT will be unfortunate if the UPND will punish me for attending national events, says Keembe Member of Parliament Princess Kasune.

Ms Kasune said that it was unfortunate that the opposition UPND would punish her for attending the launch of the 2016/2017 planting season which was graced by President Edgar Lungu on Saturday in Chisamba district, stating that it was merely her duty.

She explained that she attended because the Zambia National Farmers Union in conjunction with Zambeef invited her.

Ms Kasune, who is well known for coming out publicly as HIV positive and an advocate, refuted allegations of intending to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and laughed off assertions that her party would punish her for being part of the launch of the 2016/2017 planting season.

“My attendance at the launch of the 2016/2017 planting season was purely by invitation of the National Farmers Unions and Zambeef. view of the above, the statement that my party will punish me was displaced,” Ms Kasune said.

The parliamentarian clarified that at no time did she say nor intend to leave the UPND to join the PF but that she would remain a loyal and committed member of the opposition.

She said that all the 10 planters chosen for the launch were from Keembe constituency and had the approval of both the chief whip and leader of the UPND in the House.

Ms Kasune said that it was an official function for her to support the farmers as key stakeholders in her constituency.

“I, therefore, stand to clarify and correct any misconstrued allegations on social media. At no time did I say nor do I intend to leave the UPND and go to the Patriotic Front (PF). I remain a committed and loyal UPND member.

‘‘My posture in the photo circulating on social media was a pure case of courtesy arising from me being invited to the seat,” Ms Kasune said.

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