KCC slammed over dirty Nakadoli

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:37:35 +0000


 IT is inertia of the worst order for the Kitwe City Council (KCC) to wait for President Edgar Lungu to direct the local authority to clean dirty Nakadoli Market, says Copperbelt Cross Border and Integrated Business Association (CCBIBA) publicity secretary Poster Jumbe.

And Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo on Monday summoned Kitwe and Mufulira District Commissioners and Mayors over the two local authorities’ perceived inefficiency and incompetency.

In an interview, Mr Jumbe said KCC had rendered itself irrelevant to Kitwe residents because it had failed to provide leadership in terms of improving service delivery in the city and instead had waited for the President to issue directives.

He was commenting on President Lungu’s directive to KCC to consider reducing rentals for stalls at Nakadoli market to enable marketeers occupy the stands and trade in a better environment.

Mr Jumbe said the KCC was an embarrassment to the Central government because of its inertia.

“We have been talking about inertia among council workers and people think we find joy in talking too much.

Now, I think some of us have been vindicated because it had to take the Republican President to come to Nakadoli market to issue directives to clean up the mess at the market.

“Surely, do we need the Republican President to travel to Kitwe to clean up the mess? If that is the case, then what is the management and council workers doing? Demarcating plots or reporting for work to come and engage in dubious deals while waiting to get paid at the month-end? Mr Jumbe asked.

During his tour of Nakadoli market in Chimwemwe Township on Sunday, President Lungu said he was not happy that the council had failed to improve service delivery as evidenced by the huge heaps of garbage and blocked drainage system.

Apart from the poor service delivery, the Republican President was also not happy that the Nakadoli market had been turned into a ‘‘white elephant’’ because the local authority was charging exorbitant stall rentals which marketeers could not afford.

And Mr Bowman Lusambo said he summoned the Kitwe and Mufulira District Commissioners and Mayors over President Lungu’s unhappiness with the filth and blocked drainages which he had seen in markets and residential areas.

“I told them to pull up their socks because the President had given us seven days to clean up the mess. Those who are not equal to the task should step down,” Mr Lusambo said

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