Laura Miti is a UPND stooge – Kamba

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 09:23:19 +0000


CIVIL activist Laura Miti is a UPND stooge who is hiding behind the veil of running a civil society organisation to propagate her funders’ ideals by demonising Government every day, says Lusaka Province PF youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba.

Mr. Kamba said he was not surprised that Ms Miti had continued making wild allegations against Government on any decisions it has made. He accused Ms Miti of turning a blind eye to all the social evils such as violence that the UPND had engaged in because she was HH’s sympathiser. 

He said while there was nothing wrong with CSOs criticising Government and providing checks and balances, he had a problem with NGOs with political agendas such as Ms. Miti who was using her organisation to propagate her political ambitions.

“Have you ever heard Ms. Miti saying anything good about anything that Government has done? Have you ever heard her condemning UPND for anything? This is what makes her operations as a leader of the CSO questionable.

How possible is it that the PF can be doing everything wrong while the opposition is always correct?

“Ms. Miti must stop hiding behind the veil of running a CSO because people are able to read between the lines and realise that she is just a UPND stooge and all she is doing is to propagate its agenda by attacking the ruling party unnecessarily,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kamba said no matter how many CSOs gang up against the government, nothing will change because the people of Zambia were witnesses to the robust development Zambia had attained since the PF came into power.

“The same people who were demonising President Edgar Lungu over his international trips have now changed and are questioning why he has stopped attending international meetings, “What motivates them to change positions from time to time if it is not to facilitate for regime change?”

 Mr Kamba said because President Lungu had chosen to concentrate on inspecting projects, they are now panicking because they know the projects if completed, would spell doom to their campaigns for the 2021 elections.

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