LCC surrenders parking spaces to Parkrite

Mon, 31 Oct 2016 10:51:56 +0000

PUBLIC parking places in the Central Business District of Lusaka (CBD) which are officially managed by the Lusaka City Council have been given to a private company, Parkrite Zambia Limited which is going to introduce a paid parking system to the general public.

According to an advertisement running on social media, the Lusaka City Council has surrendered the management of public parking spaces in the City of Lusaka to Parkrite, a private company. Parkrite has since announced that it has taken over the management of public parking spaces in all areas in the Central Business District and that the company  would be accepting cash payments from motorists between November and December this year.

Parkrite, which is currently housed at the 2nd floor, South Wing Suite 1 in Central Park, said the company would gradually migrate from accepting cash from motorists to a cashless system which would see the introduction of what it called Smart Meters and PayByPhone system. The company had announced that with effect October 15 this year, the rates applicable for parking in Lusaka would be K5 per hour in all areas in Lusaka.

“Parkrite Zambia Limited has taken over the parking management of the City of Lusaka and is introducing a Paid Parking System in all areas in the Central Business District. Between October and November, we will still be accepting cash payments as we migrate gradually to a cashless system of Smart Meters and PayByPhone,” an advertisement read in part. Parkrite stated that motorists were therefore, advised to pay parking fees in advance to the parking wardens who would be issuing receipts which it said should be displayed on the side of the windscreen as proof of payment. The management said it was envisaged that within three months, the majority of motorists would have migrated to the cashless system of payment. “Please, contact the parking wardens and Parkrite offices for more information,” the advertisement stated.


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