Let’s put political differences aside, says Musukuma

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:34:30 +0000



WE must put our political differences aside and remain united to eliminate challenges facing Zambia a political commentator Ntazana Mutungwa Musukuma, has observed.

Reflecting on Zambia’s achievement as a sovereign   state, Mr. Musukuma said all players should direct efforts towards conquering poverty, ignorance, disease, unemployment, corruption and injustice.

He said while the country had registered tangible development in various areas of the economy, more needed to be done not only by those in power but by the opposition and ordinary citizens.

He said patriotism among Zambians was key to achieving national unity and development adding that the country’s founding leader Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s principle of a united Zambia should forever remain the beacon for Zambia’s unity.

“Zambians must remain united at all times despite challenges and political differences. For this country to conquer poverty, ignorance, disease, unemployment, corruption and injustice, we should stay united as one people. The reason for national unity outweighs the essence of any scheme to divide us and that reason is our wellbeing as a people of this generation as well as the future generations.

“After 53 years of independence, Zambia should be seen to develop. This is the time for each and every citizen of Zambia to support developmental efforts,” Mr. Musukuma said.  He said for citizens to feel truly independent, there was need for the country to maximise the diversification drive which must see the mushrooming of manufacturing and processing industries that will not only provide employment to the locals, but also promote consumption of locally produced products and stop relying on imports from other counties.

He noted that once Zambia becomes more of an export oriented country unlike the current situation where it is importing more, it will greatly benefit from foreign exchange which will in turn add value to the economic emancipation of the country and strengthen the local currency against major currencies.

“Politics should be practised within the confines of patriotism. Zambia is a democratic country and democracy entails multiparty politics, so we shall associate with different political parties and hold varying political views but this should not tamper with the wellbeing of the nation,” he said.

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