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Tue, 20 Feb 2018 09:09:27 +0000

HH, Kambwili should sober up and turn to  issue-based politics

 Dear Editor,

I wish to agree with sentiments by Mr Edwin Lifwekelo that  NDC and UPND  may  not have presidential candidate  in 2021 if they continue to court treason in the manner they ply their politics.

What Mr Lifwekelo is simply saying that is both UPND and NDC candidates, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, and Chishimba Kambwili respectively may soon find themselves in prison soon if they’re not in check by taking treasonous path.

For Kambwili may be one can excuse him for behaving like a bird that has been released from a prison box before it finds somewhere to roost.

But one expected HH be playing mature and issued based politics which are they only conduit to take him to State House as opposed to insulting  and belittling President Edgar Lungu every day.

Of course both Kambwili and HH are in state of panic and shock because of the way PF is conducting its politics with a sense of maturity and of course delivering g on its campaign promises.

Perhaps it is the development aspect which has injure the other two men because all done is to insult those in authority even when there is hardly any need to do so.

For HH perhaps it understandable because having lost five times, it is a big and heavy shame that is eating up his mind because he is not sure what will happen to him in 2021.

And why?  Because it took Lungu only two weeks of jangling to be State House. That really hurts HH and it is logical.

And like they say that there is a limit to everything, the two men might just find themselves on wrong side of the law and will have themselves to blame.

As opposed to insults let the two men begin to tell Zambians what they have to offer to uplift their living standards by coming up with programmes which help reduce poverty in the nation.

Politics of insults may still be a big thing in Africa but they surely belong to ancient times.

The same goes for tribal or regional politics, they stink quite a lot.

Mushabati Mushabati


Insults, insults, give us a break!

Dear Editor,

Being in opposition does not mean being blind and senseless.

To the contrary, being in opposition means giving checks and balances to the government as well as giving credit where it’s due.

But all our opposition know are insults. They insult in the morning, afternoon, evening and night and they dream insults. Soon they will be eating insults

Of course people will be entertained by insulting the head of state for some time, but, after sometime they will be bored of the same comedy and obviously start questioning the insulter to provide evidence since some of them were in government and access to all documents.

Just wait for the completion of major development projects such as the two airports, the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage way and numerous others if the same insulters will still entertain people with the same insults.

By that time their bags of insults will be empty while people will be mesmerized by the development. Just wait.

 Peter, LUSAKA


Kambwili will NOT quit PF!

Dear Editor,

It is interesting to note how PF Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has managed to fool Zambians.

I mean if there are some Zambians who think that Kambwili will quit PF, they had better think again.

For me, I think the truth is that Kambwili is stuck to PF for very good reasons, the obvious one being the gratuity from Parliament.

This  could also mean  that  even the money he has been  bragging about, is not there otherwise why wait for peanuts from government if has billions of dollars in his kit?

I have found this man not only pretentious but a big liar, the man wants to depict that he has big big money when he has not. A big actor he is.

He thinks he is nifty yet he is busy playing what others have called pit latrine politics.

I could be wrong, but for now Kambwili is not quitting PF and NDC should just start looking for someone else serious to waste their time on in 2021.

There is absolutely no need either to condemn Kambwili for running to court with the speed of a cheetah to block his expulsion from PF.

There I am giving him some high marks because apart from being unprincipled man, he has managed to fool many of us by pretending that he has nothing to do with ‘corrupt’ PF yet he is kissing the ruling party day and night in his bedroom.

And when he went to knock on the door of NDC, he cunningly offered himself as a consultant. Clever fellow! All he wants from NDC is money for consultancy work he is doing for them.

After that he will wave bye bye and return in full force to Roan on PF ticket, of course unless the court decides to frustrate him.

But even if it did, he still has the Supreme and Constitutional Courts to help him buy time so that he can enjoy to all the fruits of PF membership.

Kambwili is not that gullible after all. He knows why he should remain in PF but many of us have judged him wrongly.

So all those who are calling on the man to quit PF now are just wasting their time. Kambwili is stuck with PF and for good reasons.

Except that he should stop those insults because it is always advisable NOT to play with the Tiger by pulling its tail.

Senior citizen

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