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Fri, 31 Aug 2012 11:51:44 +0000

An opposition leader has charged the people surrounding President Michael Sata were responsible for the tension and uncertainty in the country.
UPND special assistant to the president Edward Mumbi said that the people surrounding the President were not providing the requisite counsel to enable appreciate the conditions and circumstances prevailing in the country.
He has appealed to President Sata to work with mature and seasoned opposition leaders to develop a cohesive and all inclusive development vision.
Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Mumbi noted the current tension as a result of pronouncements and events were very worrisome. They were not contributing to the nurturing of a peaceful and prosperous Zambia.
Mr Mumbi reiterated that the Nation would not worry if the PF government fulfilled its campaign promises, but instead the unfolding events were a threat to democracy and contrary to the promises made to the electorate.
He said it was disappointing that the President lacked people who would advise the President about the frustration and daily inconveniences people were facing.
There was need, he said, for the Government to respond to the needs and expectation of the people who voted the Government into power, “They must realise that most of their followers that put them into power were youths.”
“Very few people in offices supported them because they knew what to expect.” He said.
“It is unfortunate that President Sata’s followers during the campaign race were youths that is why it has become difficult for him to find good people that can advise him.”
He warned President Sata against following the example set by President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe “It will be unfortunate because Mugabe is followed by people who liberated that country, who were mature adult who understood the intricacies of leadership unlike the youths in Zambia who were more interested in their own situations and needs.” He said.
Mr Mumbi said people will not stop talking about the PF government for as long as their expectations were not met.
He noted that it would be helpful if the PF government implemented strategies with the help of other leaders who also had visions to develop the country.

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