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Having successfully frustrated the scheduled holding of the Privy Council which was set for the 11TH  of December 2012 at Limulunga Royal Village,  Mongu, The Zambian government has offered to finance a bogus BNC meeting whose main objective is to undo the resolutions of the MARCH 27, 2012 BNC.

This is in liason with the Litunga and The BRE after receiving hefty bribes in the tune of 42 Billion Kwacha from the Zambian Government to frustrate the cause for the independence of Barotseland.

A reliable source who is a senior Induna at the Saa Kuta at Limulunga has informed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Barotseland that the BRE in agreement with the Litunga have received a 150 million kwacha towards organising a fake and bogus BNC meeting stage managed to disapprove The Popular 27 MARCH 2012, BNC RESOLUTIONS. The brief agenda is also to discuss the restoration of The Barotseland Agreement as opposed to the road map for independence. The Litunga and BRE seek to appreciate their pay masters in Zambia by pursuing the restoration of Barotseland Agreement 1964 which keeps Barotseland and its people in perpetual servitude while ensuring that their names continue to be on the pay roll.

The senior Induna who does not approve of what the Litunga and the BRE are doing also informed the PFLB that the list of delegates will be doctored to only accommodate people who will fully support this immoral agenda and interest of the main sponsor who is the Zambian Government.

The source also confirmed that the 11th December 2012 scheduled Privy Council meeting failed to take off because of pressure from State House in Lusaka as it was feared by both the Zambian Government and the Litunga that the Privy council would resolve to restore Honorable Wainyai C. Sinyinda as Prime Minister who is viewed as one of the leading advocates for the independence of Barotseland.

The Senior Induna at Saa Kuta further informed the PFLB that a bogus Privy Council meeting will be stage managed by the BRE to prepare for the Bogus BNC meeting.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Barotseland’s Position.

  • PFLB warns the Litunga and the BRE that the people of Barotseland shall never be sold for a few pieces of silver.
  • Barotseland is more important and bigger than the Litunga as well as the BRE.
  • The BNC is the highest policy making body in BarotseLand and therefore whatever resolutions were agreed by the people for the people through the 27th March, 2012 BNC cannot be undone single handedly by the Litunga and his BRE.
  • The Barotseland Agreement 1964 cannot be discussed at this moment as it does not exist being abrogated by the Zambian Government in 1969
  • Only the road map for total independence of Barotseland shall be discussed
  • We appeal to all our district chiefs to take a leading role and be magnanimous enough to deliver the aspirations of the people of Barotseland. Our Chiefs should not be intimidated by anyone and less still the compromised Litunga and BRE.
  • We appeal to all the people of Barotseland to come out of their slumber and deal with the enemies of their right to self determination and begin to shape our road map to independence.
  • Let us all be watchful and see whether the Litunga and BRE can deliver us to the Promised Land.
  • In view of the above unfolding events, it is our well thought position that the BRE and The Litunga cannot bring us independence, it is only us common lozis who can liberate ourselves from servitude.

Signed by PFLB Executive Members;


Musiyalike Lubinda  –  Chairperson

Mulemwa Mwiya – Deputy Chairperson

Lubasi Muyunda –   Secretary General

Kufekisa Munukayumbwa   –  Publicity Secretary

Akamandisa Mushabati    –   Executive Committee Member







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