Litunga for secession

Tue, 27 Nov 2012 07:36:55 +0000

THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) is shocked and dismayed by what it says is a malicious and slanderous report alleging that the Litunga is against secession.

BRE representative Induna Inete said to the Daily Nation yesterday that the story in one of the local newspapers was not true and was meant to tarnish the name of the Litunga.

One of local tabloids recently carried a story suggesting that the Litunga made a statement against secession when he met a group of Catholic Priests in Limulunga.

“This is not correct because the meeting was called by the Kuta to brief the clergymen on the circumstances surrounding the resignation of the Ngambela, which has brought a lot of speculations and had the potential to divide the people in the area,” he said

Induna Inete claimed that the meeting was addressed by the Kuta and not Litunga, adding that the Lozi King had never uttered such words.

And the BRE has demanded for the source of the story from the named media house which carried out the story before the Kuta decided on action in defence of the Litunga.

“None of the Catholic Priests can attest to such blatant lies. The Litunga merely attended the meeting to receive the briefing of the Kuta on the deliberations with the clergymen, and he did not make any statements on the secession whatsoever,” he said.

He maintained that the Litunga did not make any personal statements or take any personal position on the national issues affecting theBarotseland, adding that such was the function of the BNC and the Kuta.

Induna Inete disclosed that the resolutions of the BNC were presented to the Litunga through the privy council of all the senior Chiefs inWesternProvince, which in turn approved the resolutions.

“The allegations that are being made against the Litunga that he did not approve of these resolutions are totally false and unfounded. The whole of the BRE system are fully aware that the Litunga approved these resolutions and directed the Kuta to implement them,” he stated.

Induna said the BRE could not change anyhow, adding that nothing would divert the BRE’s attention from the real issues at hand.

The Lozis had expressed shock over the Litunga’s reported utterance that he was not for the secession, when everything was discussed and agreed upon through his Kuta.

One of the Indunas who spoke on anonymity stated that even Ngambela Clement Sinyinda did not make decisions on his own but through the entire people ofWesternProvince.

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