Luapula developmental projects cheer opposition leader

Wed, 07 Feb 2018 09:34:16 +0000


THE ongoing developmental projects implemented in Luapula province by the Patriotic Front (PF) government have cheered New Congress Party (NCP) leader Peter Chanda.

Mr Chanda, who toured the province last week told the Daily Nation in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the massive developmental projects in Luapula by the PF government was a clear demonstration of PF government’s determination to uplift the living standard of the people.

Pastor Chanda commended President Edgar Lungu for showing leadership and ensuring that the campaign promises were fulfilled.

He disclosed that his party recently toured Luapula Province and saw how the province had been transformed in terms of road network and other infrastructure development.

“As a NCP, we would like to commend the PF government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu for having taken development across the country as seen in Luapula. We toured Luapula province last week and we are impressed with what we saw.

““We strongly believe that the PF government is equal to the task and we are proud to have entered in to an alliance with a party (PF) which has not disappointed the electorate and that is why PF is enjoying massive support in Luapula,” Pastor Chanda said.

And Pastor Chanda has maintained that President Lungu was still the people’s choice as he had become a factor in Zambian politics.

Pastor Chanda further disclosed that he would not contest the 2021 presidential election if President Lungu will be on ballot paper because the latter was not his match.

He said his party had unanimously resolved to rally behind President Lungu because he was the preferred candidate to win the Presidential election if he stood in 2021.

“It will be senseless and suicidal for me to stand against a person who has been universally accepted by the general membership in the country and outside. Besides, we are in alliance with PF and we totally support them,” Pastor Chanda said.

The NCP leader further explained that his party had been observing the events in the country adding that it was undisputable that Mr Lungu had exhibited leadership and maturity in the manner he had handled his critics during his tenure.

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