Luapula PF youths expose Kalaba’s plot

Sun, 28 Jan 2018 10:25:11 +0000


PF youths in Luapula Province have exposed a plot by former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba to destroy the ruling party before the 2021 polls.

They said Mr Kalaba, the PF Bahati Member of Parliament, plans to do this by forming his political party between June and August this year.

In a statement yesterday, provincial youth chairperson Jacob Chilufya said Mr. Kalaba’s plan to annihilate the PF in Luapula was now laid bare for everybody to see.

Mr Chilufya added that more clandestine activities would be revealed along the way.

Mr. Chilufya said the youth were in possession of very sensitive information that would land Mr Kalaba in trouble once published.

 He said Mr Kalaba’s resignation from Cabinet was the beginning of a long journey to his political demise.

Mr. Chilufya dismissed assertions that Mr. Kalaba was popular in the region.

He said the former minister’s purported “triumphant entry into Bahati” last week, was attended by rented people.

 He said Mr. Kalaba was using PF’s popularity in Luapula to confuse people.

Mr. Chilufya said they were aware that Mr. Kalaba had established his political mobilisation office in Mansa behind Shoprite Supermarket.

“Remember we talked about the over 5, 000 branded T-shirts and Mr Kalaba’s stage-managed welcome party at Mansa Airport? I

“In fact his (Kalaba’s) plan was to be received at Musaila in Samfya but he changed and decided to charter a small aircraft.”

Mr. Chilufya said Mr. Kalaba had also formed political structures from constituency to the province.  He challenged Mr Kalaba to resign as MP rather than clinging to a party he had branded corrupt.

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