Lungu seeks peace for DRC

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 09:50:15 +0000


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu  says he looks forward to peace and stability in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, and  is worried with the amount of interference by the international community in the internal affairs of that country.

And President Kabila assured President Lungu that the situation in his country was far much better than what was being portrayed in the media.

“Most areas in our country are at peace, we just have a few problems. Show me one country where there are no problems, its probably paradise,” said President Kabila.

The two Heads of state said this during bilateral talks at State House yesterday.

President Lungu reiterated that the international community should leave the DR Congo alone as it was able to handle its internal affairs.

The Head of State said that there was no doubt that Congo could handle its internal affairs considering the reforms it had put in place so far.

He pointed that plans for general elections set for March this year in Congo and electoral laws that had been put in place gave confidence of a peaceful country in the near future.

President Lungu said that Dr Congo was a great strategic partner in politics, commerce and mining, among other key sectors.

He assured President Kabila, who is in the country on a 2-day state working visit, that Zambia was ready to help in whatever way possible.

“We are happy most areas are peaceful. We want peace and stability in your country which  is a strategic partner in politics, commerce and other areas. We just want you to know that we are ready to help in whatever way we can as a country,” said President Lungu.

Meanwhile, President Kabila said that he was in the country to strengthen ties with Zambia and make  sure that the borders the two countries shared were secure and peaceful for smooth flow of trade.

He said that he looked forward to more cooperation in mining and the energy sector with Zambia, adding that he was fully aware that peace and security were imperative for this to be achieved.

President Kabila assured President Lungu that the situation currently was more peaceful despite some few problems in certain areas.

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