Lungu thrills church

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 08:13:47 +0000


WE are impressed with President Lungu’s stance to take it upon himself to supervise infrastructure development projects, the church has said.

In interview in Lusaka, Church of God Cathedral of Miracles presiding Bishop Naison Nyonyo said President Lungu’s humility had won hearts of many Zambians.

“President Lungu is a humble man, his humility has won hearts of many Zambians and this is important for a leader to be recognised and identified with common people. In fact the recent issue of cleaning up Lusaka city has brought a lot of blessings on many people of Lusaka and Zambia as a whole.

“The issue of making follows-ups on infrastructure development is very important for the Head of State and it has made many of us proud of him,” Bishop Nyonyo said.

He urged President Lungu not to be distracted by his opponents who have continued making unsubstantiated allegations against him.

“We wish to encourage him to take it upon himself and do even more supervision to see to it that work is done accordingly. His stance of taking it upon himself to supervise infrastructure development projects is important for the nation,” Bishop Nyonyo said.

He said politicians seeking to rule Zambia must respect the fact that the country was a democratic State whose leadership could only be determined through elections according to constitutional provisions.

“Making allegations which cannot be substantiated is not good for the nation. Politicians must humble themselves and give chance to the current leadership. President Lungu and his government are doing everything possible and we are seeing what is happening.

“We need to recognise and respect the leadership which is there. We are for peace of this land, the church is praying for Zambia’s peace and for the current government to succeed in whatever they are doing. This is our focus and the church will never let the government down,” he said.

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