Lungu warns water and sanitation project contractors

Fri, 25 Nov 2016 09:37:41 +0000

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has warned Italian contractors CMC Di Ravenna to complete the US$355 million Lusaka Water Supply Sanitation and Drainage project within the specified period in order avoid withdrawal of funding by the American government.

The President reminded contractors that the project is being funded by Washington through a five-year agreement between Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Government of the Republic of Zambia. The American government will withdraw funding if the project is not completed within the specified period.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has directed the ministry of local government to demolish all the illegal structures that had been constructed on the project sites following complaints by the contractor.

Speaking when he arrived at the National Institute of Public Administration and Evelyn Hone College sites, President Lungu reminded the contractor to ensure that the project was completed in a shortest period possible.

“That is why we are saying those who have built properties illegally and have not been part of the arrangement to resettle or compensation we shall demolish because this programme has to run by 2018 and finish. Otherwise it will remain hanging and the Americans will withdraw funding,” he said.

President Lungu said government had already repossessed property which was a constraint and that everyone had been compensated.

He further warned that whoever was building on the site was doing it at his or her peril regardless of a political affiliation.

President Lungu said whether or not they had title deeds, properties built on the construction site would be demolished, adding that government was ready to meet anyone in court.

President Lungu later inspected the US$ 45 million project water and sanitation project at Chawama water works before proceeding to another similar project Jack compound also being funded by the American government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

MCC communications manager Dr John Kunda explained to President Lungu that the projects would connect over 300,000 households to piped water.

He said that the projects in Chawama, John Howard and Jack compound where aimed at doing aware with boreholes, adding that households which would be left out would be drawing water from kiosks which would be provided by Millennium Challenge.

Dr Kunda earlier explained that works on the Bombay drainage, also known as the Ngwerere, are progressing well.

He said the contractor CMC Di Ravenna was working on a section in Evelyn Hone College, and in Garden Compound among other sections of the drainage.

Dr Kunda said CMC Di Ravenna was engaged on August 20, 2015, to construct and rehabilitate over 28 kilometres of backbone drainage in the city of Lusaka at a cost of US$35 million.

The Head of State also made a stopover at Jong Howard market, police post and the Chawama police station to check on their operations.

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