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Lusambo gives tips on picking MP aspirants


THE Patriotic Front (PF) Kitwe district chairman Evaristo Chilufya should ensure that only those who are popular, loyal and committed members must be adopted to stand as members of Parliament in the district.

Copperbelt PF provincial mobilisation chairman Bowman Lusambo said the district chairman should not look at faces of those applying to be adopted but must look at his relationship with the people and how popular someone was in the area he was applying for

Mr Lusambo, who is also Lusaka Province Minister, was speaking yesterday at Buchi Hall when he addressed party officials in Kitwe

“This election is not about money, but being connected to the people in the communities and to prove that you are a leader who promotes unity among people where you live.

“So in this case, I would like to state clearly that as a party, we will adopt people who are popular on the ground.  So Kitwe district chairman Mr Evaristo Chilufya, you should ensure that only those who are popular on the ground are adopted,” Mr Lusambo said

Mr Lusambo urged Mr Chilufya to reject any attempts to bribe him by those who have money so that they would be adopted saying such moves would land him in problems

“Mr Chairman, we know that some people are saying they will just give you K2 million to be adopted. Don’t fall for such temptations because they will land you in problems.

“We want people who are popular and can garner a lot of votes for President Edgar Lungu.  Not a person who is at 30 percent today and you expect that by the time it will be August, he will have 85 percent.  No, it can’t work”, Mr Lusambo said

He said the 2021 elections will be crucial and there will be nothing like that this one is a minister and must be automatically adopted  “The issue is that regardless of the position someone holds, he should prove that he is popular and has delivered on his campaign promises. Even I, as Kabushi MP, if I have not performed, I should not be adopted,” he said.

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