Mahtani faces arrest for disobeying court orders– Changala

Fri, 11 Jan 2013 12:27:08 +0000

Finance Bank chairman Rajan Mahtani is likely to be arrested as the contempt proceedings against him are about to start.

This is after Zambezi Portland Cement went to seek refugee in court after Dr Mahtani defied three court orders.

And a concerned citizen Brebner Changala said the presidency set by Mahtani would course a constitutional crisis since most people would think that Zambia had become a lawlessness country.

Mr Changala said the decision by Dr Mahtani to defy a court order was unfortunate and that this only showed how people undermined the judicial system of the country.

He noted that this act was not only done in the interest of Mahtani but it also show how compromised the police force had become.

He said the presence of police at the plant was a clear indication that the police no longer served the interest of the public but specific individuals.

“We now wonder where this country is getting to because Mahtani has plainly shown that he has no regard for the rule of law and one wonders whether the republican President  Michael Sata is awake or asleep.

“The three court orders are from the courts of law but where is Mahtani getting all these powers to defy the courts? Why is he being protected? This situation if unchecked would certainly scare away investors and it will lead to a situation where people will start thinking might is right.

“This is total lawlessness but we hope that the contempt proceedings will prove that no one is above the law. This is a danger to the country because this creates a picture

that some people are above the law.

“The police command is reporting to Finance Bank, courts of law are helpless and Judges’ orders are being ignored when the same people said the judiciary need a clean up,” Changala said.

He said this must be stopped from the top government because with this situation it was not clear as to who controls the PF administration and the police.

Mr Changala said Mr Sata should tell Zambians if he received instructions from Mahtani because what was prevailing at Zambezi Portland was a true reflection of a break down of the law and order.

He said the situation had its own implications because it showed that some people would not regard justice and fair play.

The concerned citizen also alleged that the recent deportations were done in the interest of Mahtani and not the nation.

“If you take note all deported people have business disputes’ with Mahtani or Finance bank. We want the current administration to guide the nation on the role of Mahtani and Finance bank in our governance system.

“Mahtani and his crowns must be charged for contempt but we still have a big problem as to who will arrest him and enforce the law since the police command receives instructions from him.

“It is very unfortunate because Zambia Police is part of the scandal so they can’t enforce the laws of Zambia fairly and with equity,” he said.

Mr Changala further charged that the minster for home affairs had been rendered totally useless in terms of administering eternal security.

And ZPCL deported directors was optimistic that the court orders would be enforced.

The directors said that the interim CEO for Mahtani Andrew Kamanga would be liable for the charges of continuing to be in office and ignoring the court order.

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