Makeni residents bemoan poor state of roads

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 08:50:45 +0000

THE poor state of roads in Makeni Villa township has angered residents who fear that the area will be flooded now that the rains are here.

They complained that they have taken their concerns on the state of the roads to relevant authorities before the onset of the rains but nothing had been done. The residents charged that the area has bad roads that got flooded whenever it rained, making it impossible for people to pass through. Lackson Chibulu, a resident of Makeni, said members of the community had made numerous calls to the local leadership in the area asking them to work on the roads before the rainy season but nothing had been done.

Mr. Chibulu said that roads in the area got flooded whenever it rained, making them impassable. He said it was unfortunate that Makeni Villa still had bad roads when some parts of the country had their roads improved. ‘’With such poor state of roads it will be impossible for anyone to decide to take any kind of development to the area as many investors will always have difficulties accessing the area due to bad roads,’’ he said.

And another resident Jane Zimba complained that with the start of the rains it will be difficult for children to move around because the area was always flooded. Ms. Zimba said that young school-going children will be forced to skip school because they will have nowhere to pass.

‘’The roads here are bad and it is hard for people to conduct their day to day activities because of the impassable roads,’’ she said. Earlier, Kanyama area Member of Parliament Elizabeth Phiri said that road rehabilitation in the area was her top priority. Ms. Phiri said that she was working with relevant authorities to ensure that roads are constructed in the area.

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