Mbundas ponder legal action against BRE

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 11:10:43 +0000



 THE Mbunda Royal Establishment intends to seek legal action against the Barotse Royal Establishment on alleged provocation against their chiefdom in Limulunga district in Western province.

Mbunda Royal Establishment deputy spokesperson Bisenga Njamba said the continued provocation of their Chiefdom in Limulunga district was out of hand, and that they had no option but to seek legal action to protect their chief.

Mr Njamba alleged that an organised number of people stormed Chief Chiyengele’s palace in Limulunga district to cause confusion and demanded he leaves the throne.

He appealed to the Government to listen to the cries of the Mbunda people of Zambia by allowing the installation of a Mbunda paramount chief to bring peace and stability to the Western Province.

“We are tired of humiliation of our village in Limulunga and this can stop if the government can listen to our cries by allowing for installation of our paramount chiefs, failure to which this confusion will not end among the ethnic groups in the province.

And it was very fortunate that Chief Chiyengele did not organise his subjects to retaliate as such was going to be a different story and should not be tolerated for the sake of peace,” he said.

Mr Njamba charged that the Mbunda people were tired of degradation and infringement on their freedom rights.

He said all Zambians came from outside its borders, according to History.

“No one who should be treated unfairly because we are all coming from all walks of life, so do the Mbundas who entered Zambia through normal migratory activities reminiscent of the great Bantu migrations together with the Bembas from Kola to Angola to Zambia.

He charged that the presence of the Mbundas in Zambia was safeguarded by the new amended constitution, and just like any of the other 72 tribes of Zambia.

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