Ministers pose danger to national security

Fri, 07 Sep 2012 14:05:30 +0000

National security is at risk because of careless statements made by some Ministers, a youth governance organisation has said.

Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) observed that the behaviour by some Ministers was a source of worry because it painted a bad picture to the international community.

GYZ director Henry Mulenga said some cabinet Ministers were not suited for public office because they were failing to explain national issues but instead had opted on issuing irrelevant statements that were posing threat to the nation.

He has appealed to government Ministers to stop issuing careless statements that are bound to put the security of the nation at risk.

“To be fair enough, I think Ministers who worked in the MMD government did their best to ensure that their Ministries were well managed. Not what we are seeing today, many of them don’t even know why they are in those offices, they are spending time on issuing alarming statement that can pose threat to the nation, which is really a worry,” he said.

He said the performance of the PF government falls short of the expectation, and wondered why all such experiences they showed when they in the opposition was not showing when indeed the nation needed it most.

Mr Mulenga however said the nation must be deeply disappointed at what was increasingly becoming the trial and error system of government by the PF.

“We expected much more than what we are seeing from the PF administration. It can’t be argued that Mr Sata went into the 20 September 2011 presidential elections as the candidate with most political and governmental experience, and what is the silence today,” he asked.

He alleged that government’s lack of policy on issues to do with the country’s development showed that there was no system used to determine the future ofZambiaunder the PF.

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