Mkushi PF distributes bicycles to grassroots

Thu, 22 Feb 2018 07:49:05 +0000


THE Patriotic Front in Mkushi North constituency have started distributing bicycles to the grassroots for party mobilisation.

Mkushi North constituency chairman Emmanuel Sinkonde told the Daily Nation in an interview that the party in the area recently received about 120 bicycles meant to be used in organising the party in all the 14 wards.

Mr. Sinkonde explained that so far 10 bicycles had been distributed to Chibefwe and Upper Lunsemfwa wards for the same purposes.

“We have already given out Chibefwe and Upper Lunsemfwa five bicycles each ward. The bicycles are purely meant for party structure mobilisation at the constituency level for development,” Mr. Sinkonde explained.

Mr Sinkonde further said the party mobilisation strategy was to revamp structures on the ground and create more sections as well as branches at grassroots level.

Mr. Sinkonde also hailed the party national secretariat for the bicycles to the constituency officials which were meant to help strengthen structures at the grassroots.

He said the move was encouraging and would go a long way in formation of formidable party structures.

Mr. Sinkonde called for unity of purpose among party members in the constituency with the view to achieve common good.

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