MMD courting Dr Fundanga?

Wed, 29 Aug 2012 11:30:53 +0000

Some MMD members are reportedly courting former central bank governor Caleb Fundanga to fill up the party’s’ position of vice president in charge of administration.

The Members have insisted that with the coming of Dr Fundanga on board the party would be more efficient.

The cadres who went to seek Dr Fundanga’s hand in the running of the party said that they were interested in him because they felt he would take the former ruling party to greater heights and that his leadership qualities were desirable.

They argued that at the moment there was no one they felt would handle the position as there were a lot of issues that needed to be dealt with.

The members said Dr Fundanga had the calibre to run the party in the absence of the party president Dr Mumba and that among other candidates for the post, there was no one who would question the integrity of the former central bank chief.

Other contenders for the MMD vice president post include Dr. Brian Chituwo, Mr Mike Kaingu, Mr Kabinga Pande, Mr Muhabi Lungu and Mr Lucky Mulusa.

And other party sources said Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane had been approached to be in charge of politics while Lungu is earmarked for the post of chairman economics.

The members said this decision was realised after the MMD retreat in Chilanga by cadres who felt that the two if brought on board, the party would achieve its vision of rebranding.

“We have decided to invite Dr Fundanga on the management team of the party and if he agrees then he will come and fill the nomination papers.

It’s not about a person’s name it’s about what that person can offer. We don’t want people who would be stuck when carrying out duties and fail to represent Zambians,” the sources said.

The two are internationally recognised and people would want to work with the MMD because of the type of leaders the party will have at the helm.

“We know people would be surprised by this move but we are sure Dr Fundanga’s presence in the party executive would be an added advantage apart from the rebranding.

They said Dr Fundanga worked tirelessly during the last election campaigns when his wife stood in Chilubi as an MP and was supportive to the party.

“We want new ideas in the party as well as new members that would replace members with questionable character,” one senior party official said.

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