MMD denies fake PF defections

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 14:38:35 +0000

The reported MMD defections by the PF government shown on television are all cheap propaganda and lies by the government to malign opposition political parties who it wants to destroy.

The PF is using its own PF cadres to fake the defections so that the ruling party could be seen to be mustering popularity as it struggles to increase representation in Parliament.

And MMD Kabwe district chairman Douglas Lubaba has described the reported defections in the Central Province capital as a load of nonsense and should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Mr  Lubaba denied any of his party’s members had defected, saying the reports were meant to misinform the nation to the advantage of PF.

Mr Lubaba told the Daily Nation that some of the people reported to have defected were those who had resigned from MMD years back.

He cited Mr Derrick Chama who was former Kabwe mayor as a non-issue since he resigned from MMD in 2011 and that it was not possible for him to resign twice.

“The reports are unturue. MMD is intact in Kabwe. I know that Chama is merely a job seeker. So let him just go quietly. He is not our member any more. I am very upset with these foolish claims of defections from MMD to PF.” he said.

Mr Lubaba warned the PF in Kabwe not to fabricate stories of defections just for cheap publicity because the truth will always transcend.And MMD die-hard Bowman Lusambo has also attacked PF for peddling lies over the reported defections, saying the ruling party was all intent to destroy his party.

Mr Lusambo said the reports were not true but calculated moves by PF to bring MMD into public scorn by creating a picture that the former ruling party was disintegrating into oblivion when not.

“We are aware of PF lies but as a party we will remain united and work towards removing PF government because it has lamentably failed to deliver to the people of Zambia,” said Mr Lusambo.

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