Mutanda-Chavuma Road shocker

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Dear Editor

I would like to share with the people of Zambia on the unreported truth about the Mutanda –Chavuma Road (M8 Road).Road Development Agency is the Client/Supervisor of all Road projects whose Overall Boss is His excellence Mr M.C. Sata, the President of Zambia and Willie Nsanda as Chairman.

RDA head of public relations Loyce Saili announced the completion of M8 road in December ,2012 when she toured road construction projects in the province. Quoted form Daily mail reported by CLAVER MUTINTA in Kabompo;“THE construction of the over K680 billion Mutanda-Chavuma road in North-WesternProvince has been completed and the road handed over to government through the Road             Development    Agency (RDA).
“The road, which covers a stretch of 450 kilometres, was divided into four lots and was done by three    contractors.
Ms Saili said the Mutanda-Chavuma road was handed over to government last month.”
“So, the entire section of the Mutanda-Chavuma road has been tarred,” she said.
Ms Saili said the road was completed ahead of schedule, which was January next year. “Read more “

My appeal to District Administration officers and District Commissioners is to help foster development in the respective districts they are assign to work as service servants and put aside their tendency to protect/cover /shield government and political failures  on the expense on district development. This is a different North-western, not the North-western of KK, FTJ, Levy, or RB or Sata, we are ready to fight politicians whose tendency is to lie to win votes. 2016 is a different ball game. We are up to date with the happenings in our nation.

The office of the RDA Public relations should never report shabby works on the M8 road as completed work on schedule. This is an insult to RDA head Mr. Sata and the people of N.Western. Do not put political domination strategies on the expense of national development for it shall send you to an early and shallow grave.

I wish to take you the people of Zambia, step by step unfolding the unreported truth on the M8 road as the RDA team headed by His excellence Mr Sata follow the evidence and get back on the drawing board to giveus a  quality road that will stand a test of time. Let us not blame it on MMD, it is PF‘s road now and I call upon His excellence to come and officially open this road.

Kasempa turn-off-Kabompo road, which was being constructed by Belga Construction, is the oldest project which took long to be completed because of financial challenges.
Government spent over K300 billion on the 221-kilometre Kasempa turn-off-Kabompo road, whose construction started in 2003. This road only has the white road mark at the middle of the road, no yellow mark on the ends of the road. Bus stops are poorly designed with shabby bus stop signs. Look at the stones on the road held by scanty bitumen. Look the edge of the road poorly finished typical of all RDA roads

Kabompo-Mumbeji lot, whose value is K136.7 billion, covers a stretch of 69 kilometres and was being done by China New Era while the 75-kilometre Mumbeji-Zambezi road valued at 140.3 billion was     done     by           China     Geo. Below is the picture;I personally congratulate the Chinese firms for work well executed, road marks excellent, road quality excellent, bus stops and its signs well done. Road edges excellent.

The last lot of the road -the Zambezi-Chavuma -which covers a distance of 85 kilometres, was executed by Stefanutti Stocks Roads and Earthworks. The cost of the Zambezi-Chavuma road is K108.3 billion. This is the waist road with scanty bitumen whose bond with the stones is so weak that stones are being let loose by bitumen. These stone later gather on the edge of the road or middle. No road marks, no bus stops. Below are the photos;

All in all, I challenge the RDA Team to do their job to supervise and see that quality roads are delivered to the people of North-western and Zambia at large. RDA should not just sit in offices or just concentrating on the link Zambia. M8 road is the true link Zambia that has so far taken over 45 year and now the final product is substandard. PF should not sideline this project or any other road project on basis that it was MMD’s project. It is RDA‘s project (the same in MMD and now in PF) now headed by President of Zambia, Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, who should see that quality road is the final product.

My advice to RDA is that they should not let the contractors lead RDA inspectors/supervisors, let the RDA supervisors lead the contractors. In most cases contractors take RDA supervisors on portions they do well like the Kabompo-Zambezi in this particular case and the whole country was convinced that a quality road has be built for the people of North-westernProvince.


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