Mwila’s South tour consolidates PF at grassroot

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 PF secretary general Davis Mwila’s tour of Southern Province has consolidated and strengthened the party structures at grassroots because a number of outstanding issues were tackled by him, says PF Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary Trymore Mwenda.

Mr Mwenda said that among many other key issues Mr Mwila addressed was the need to ignite party mobilization unity, growth of the party and discipline.

He further explained that the main objectives of Mr Mwila’s visit was to strengthen the party structures at all levels as well to bridge the gap between the community and the area members of parliament.

He also took time to explain the projects that were being undertaken by the PF government in Southern Province and other parts of Zambia.

Mr Mwenda expressed profound gratitude to the party leadership at the national level for allowing Mr Mwila to carry out a week-long tour and mobilisation in Southern Province

“The Southern Province PF leadership wishes to register its profound gratitude to the party leadership at the national level for allowing the party’s Chief executive officer, Hon. Davies Mwila carryout a week-long tour and mobilisation in Southern Province,

“The tour has consolidated and strengthened the party structures at grassroot because a number of outstanding issues were tackled by Hon. Mwila and further guidance will follow once he reports to the national leadership through the Central Committee,” Mr Mweenda said.

Mr Mweenda added, “We are particularly excited with the just ended tour because it has shown that Southern Province is no longer the opposition perceived stronghold going by the attendance of meetings held in all the 13 districts of Southern Province.”

He revealed that during Mr Mwila’s tour, a number of opposition members defected to the ruling party because people in Southern Province are convinced that PF is truly working to deliver to the expectation of the majority marginalised in society.

He further said the tour of Mwila had already begun to bear fruit as the PF members in the province had embarked on a mobilisation campaign by visiting all the wards.

Mr Mweenda has also urged PF members across the province and country at large to work hard in popularising the development agenda of the ruling party so that Zambians can appreciate it and choose to support the party.

He said PF could stay in power for a long time and change the lives of our people and the face of the country only if PF members devise strategies to make the party not only attractive but effective in delivering development.

He said as a party in the province, they were not bothered by what the opposition was saying against PF because being in opposition in Zambia means opposing everything and anything the ruling party and government does regardless of the actual practicalities on the ground.

“We wish to warn the opposition political parties that PF in Southern Province and the country at large means business and is geared to upset tables come 2021.

“Nothing will stop us because President Edgar Lungu is making our campaign easier by delivering development to all across the entire country which everyone is seeing and benefitting from including the opposition parties who however would rather pretend that nothing is happening,” Mr Mwenda said.

He said party members in the province were determined to rally behind President Lungu adding that their resolve had been renewed by the tour of Mr Mwila who reassured them of the party’s support.

Mr Mwila toured Southern Province from 21st to 27th January, 2018 where he visited Livingstone then proceeded to Kazungula, Zimba, Kalomo, Choma and Namwala. He then went to Sinazongwe, Pemba, Gwembe, Monze, Mazabuka, Chikankanta before winding his tour in Siavonga.

Southern Province PF Chairperson, Lawrence Evans, his Provincial executive committee members and members of central committee Kebby Mbewe, Anne Kayula, Paul Moonga and Siyacheye Madyenkuku accompanied Mr Mwila on the tour.

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