Nursing dissent and disaffection

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 18:35:39 +0000

Dear Editor

It is annoying and very distressing that the Government has decided to entertain the publication of the Mast which is an offshoot of Post newspaper. Like its parent paper this newspaper is continuing the spread of malice and disaffection and can be expected to get worse with time.

Everybody know that this paper is now being published in Mazabuka because printers in Lusaka are afraid of being arrested for publishing a doubtful publication that has emerged as a result of a court matter involving tax evasion.

What I fail to understand is why the Government which has a very clear case of tax evasion is allowing the same family to continue to trade without honouring their obligations to the people they owe money.

Would this happen to any other individual? The answer is an emphatic NO. It is impossible that the Zambia Revenue Authority would have written of K16billion from the debt of any other business. This was done because of the special political relationship with President Michael Sata and the fact that the Post newspaper was seen as a factor in determining the political direction of the country.

Things have changed but the owner of the Mast wants to maintain the status quo by publishing another paper which they hope can bring down the Government.

Such efforts should not be underestimated because the slow erosion of water will eventually wear away a rock.

They do not care about facts but only care about the damage that they can cause to the political body and especially the Government.

 Sadly we have a section of the community that believes and supports the stance. This will grow unless something is done about stopping the malice.

Howard Chenda

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