Opposition MPs protest abuse of Parliament

Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:55:16 +0000

Opposition Members of Parliament have protested the use of Parliament by the executive to break the law and abrogate the constitution.

The MPs have accused the speaker Dr Matibini of protecting Dr Scott who failed to provide a satisfactory answer to justify the allocation of K1.5 billion to the First Lady.

The three paged petition was signed by 66 opposition MPs.

The petition brings to the fore a long simmering feud among MPs over the use of Parliament to legitimize appointments and executive actions that were against the law. These included the removal of the Director General of the Anti Corruption without following the law and the subsequent appointment of his replacement.

There have also been concerns about the manner in which the appointment of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mutembo Nchito was handled.

Speaking at a press briefing at Parliament Media Centre the MMD Chief Whip Geoffrey Lungwangwa said by protecting Dr Scott, the Speaker was allowing Government to use Parliament to break the law and abrogate the Constitution.

“From the event of today, it is abundantly clear to us that Mr Speaker has deliberately taken a position to protect the Vice President who has not been able to provide a satisfactory answer to the House and the general public.

“By protecting the Vice President, the Speaker is allowing Government to use Parliament to break the law and abrogate the constitution,” Professor Lungwangwa said

He said the MPs swore allegiance to protect and
defend the constitution and would not support a system that abrogated the Constitution.

MPs spoken to complained that the proposed construction of the Presidents retirement home was another proposal that went against the law but which the House was being asked to approve.

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