Opposition UPND rubbishes “Tonga Oath”

Wed, 05 Sep 2012 10:29:37 +0000

UPND vice President Richard Kapita says the PF government should not divert people’s attention from real issues by alleging that a Tonga group has marked Bembas for death because of president Sata’s realigning of districts in the Southern Province.

Mr Kapita was reacting to Siavonga District Commissioner Brave Mweetwa who accused the opposition UPND of agitating for division in the nation on matters of governance including the realignment of the districts.

The DC had also said that the opposition party was to blame for the activities that were being promoted by an underground group calling itself ‘Tongas on Oath’.

But Mr Kapita advised that the PF and Mr Mweetwa should focus on developmental projects and appealed to Mr Mweetwa to refrain from engaging himself in politics.

Mr Kapita said his party was principled and had a vision for Zambia, adding that the PF should apologise to the Zambian people for failing to deliver on its campaign promises.

“It is most unfortunate for Mweetwa to talk about Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND. As far as the UPND is concerned we don’t know of such a group. What will benefit us by dividing the country?” he asked.

Mr Kapita said HH was a unifier and not a tribalist adding that the ‘Tongas on Oath’ group is a creation of some minds meant to divert people’s attention from real issues.

Mr Kapita said it was unfortunate that some people were now bent on dividing the nation instead of working together to develop the country.

He denied that the ‘Tongas on Oath’ group was existing in Chirundu and Siavonga and that its motive had nothing to do with the people in the affected areas.

Mr Mweetwa had demanded that the UPND must apologies to Zambians for trying to champion division in the nation.

“The UPND leadership must take full responsibility of this embarrassing episode in our country’s political history. It’s not a secret that that UPND has made it routine to criticize and attack this government on tribal or ethnic lines.  Therefore, they (UPND) owe this unitary state called Zambia an apology,” said Mweetwa.

He said that the people of Chirundu and Siavonga are firmly united behind the government and the leadership of President Michael Chilufya Sata, and they would not be swayed by outsiders who want to bring confusion in the area.

“We are part of one nation called Zambia and we are fully aware of the dangers of divisive politics. We are more interested in development and nothing else,” he said.

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