Parallel MMD formed – Kachingwe

Wed, 23 Jan 2013 10:40:28 +0000

Expelled MMD National Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe has  formed a parallel MMD secretariat and structures aimed at removing embattled party president Dr. Nevers Mumba.

Major Kachingwe said that the parallel MMD structures were formed by genuine MMD members interested in safeguarding the interests of the party from people he described as hijackers.

During a briefing at the new Secretariat at plot number Plot 124, Mambula Road off Bwinjimfumu Road in Rhodespark, he said that the office would conduct all the affairs of the party.

He said that Dr. Mumba had created a lot of confusion in the party since he was elected as party president of the former ruling party.

Major Kachingwe said the  new MMD structures would operate from its new secretariat, adding that party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) should dissolve itself as it had allegedly failed to uphold the party’s constitution.

And suspended MMD National Women’s Chairlady Catherine Namugala said that the MMD would hold a national convention within 90 days to elect its new leaders.

Ms. Namugala said all the positions in the MMD including that of the party president and NEC members should be contested at the convention which would be constituted in the next 90 days.

She said the fight that she had embarked on was hard but noble and genuine  as it was aimed  at protecting the party and its constitution.

And confusion rocked the announcement of the new MMD structure after the  youths  of the rival  groups attacked each other.

Running battles ensued leading to a traffic jam on Bwinjimfumu road as youths exchanged  blows and threw stones at each other.

But Dr. Mumba’s Special Assistant for Press and Public relations Raphael Nakachinda has said that MMD did not have a provision of coup d’e tats in the constitution.

“In MMD we don’t ascend to power through coup d’e tats. This is a democratic party and will only have one leadership under Dr. Mumba,” he said.

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