PF govt lacks coordination- Saunders

Tue, 19 Feb 2013 11:02:16 +0000

Various statements coming from government shows that there is no coordination in manner in which national matters are handled, the political analyst advocating for good governance Dante Saunders has charged.

Mr Saunders maintained that some of the statements were not convincing enough, but instead were regrettable as they were misleading and denting the country’s image.

The analyst said it was sad that the government officials were in the forefront blaming the opposition on their trip to South Africa when they had failed to adhere to what the Zambian people wanted.

He charged that government should never ever again blame the opposition of any step they were taking in the public interest because it had failed to open room for dialogue to solve various issues the country was facing.

Mr Saunders said the statements issued by the government on the opposition’s meeting with the Commonwealth secretariat in South Africa were not done in good faith on the basis that they were aware.

He insisted that for as long as the PF government kept on cheating the Zambians, its popularity would be lost, adding that it was sad that the Head of State was even proud of distorting the facts with an embarrassment statement that was just reflecting the character of his government.

Mr Saunders was reacting to media reports where President Michael Sata was quoted having said that the opposition leaders were seeking asylum in South Africa.

“This was the most embarrassing statements that cannot even convince the ordinary Zambians, but was aimed to disorder the opposition. And it is not a crime to be in the opposition,” he said.


He said some situation could have adverse on the country’s relationship with other countries, adding that he was concerned over the numerous socio-economic tensions prevailing in the country arising from bad governance principles.

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