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THE PF government lacks vision to respond to the many challenges the nation is facing, says MMD Vice president for administration Dr. Brian Chituwo.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Dr. Chituwo said that President Sata had major challenges to address the high levels of poverty the nation was experiencing adding that his speech in parliament lacked vision and hope for the people of Zambia.

Dr. Chituwo said that the people of Zambia had expected President Sata to give policy direction on various issues of governance, the fight against corruption and poverty reduction.

“It is worrying that President Sata denied Zambians a clear picture of how he intends to govern this country. He has failed to show leadership and vision in the manner he wants to govern this country. You can see by yourself that since the PF formed government they have failed to settle down probably it is because they were not ready to govern,” he said.

Dr. Chituwo who is also MMD Member of Parliament for Mumbwa Central observed that the failure by the PF government to address the issue of unemployment in the country was a source of concern and there was need by the PF regime to address the challenge.

He said that Zambians were anxiously waiting for the development the PF government promised during the 2011 general elections which seem to have eluded the government since it came into power.

“When they were in the opposition they had a clear programme on how to govern the nation but we are wondering and shocked that the PF have failed to put into effect the programmes they were talking about. This has created desperation in the nation because the people of Zambia do not know where the country is going,” he said.

Dr. Chituwo observed that Zambians had already become tired of the PF because of their non fulfillment of promises and their agenda for national development.

“Look we had what we used to call national development plans. But this time around these national plans are hardly heard of. Where is the Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP)? This plan was highlighting government’s various developmental plans which they should take up to help address issues of poverty, governance, unemployment and other issues. This was a barometer in short to see where government is going and what it should do but alas that the PF government is failing to even copy from what we did,” he said.

He hoped that with the PF government budget to be announced this week on Friday, President Sata and his government would be able to highlight how it would tackle issues of unemployment, the growth of the economy and the reduction of poverty through improved health facilities.

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