PF members castigate Kabimba

Fri, 14 Dec 2012 10:19:51 +0000

kabimba1Patriotic Front (PF) members have expressed fear that the party will soon lose popularity if its Secretary General Wynter Kabimba does not change his attitude towards fellow members.

Speaking on behalf of the other members Brian Nkolola said that it was unfortunate that the party was being led by an individual that thought he was the only holy lamb in the party.

Mr Nkolola wondered where Mr Kabimba was drawing his powers from because despite being the chief executive of the party he had no powers to discipline senior party members that were holding senior government portfolios.

He said the decision by Mr Kabimba to issue a seven day ultimatum to Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda had no blessing from party members because only President Sata could discipline Mr Lubinda.

“We are very saddened as members that Mr Kabimba has decided to turn this party into a personal entity. I want to tell Mr Kabimba to tone down because his end will be disastrous and he will live to regret what he is doing to other party members.

“Mr Kabimba has no powers to discipline Mr Lubinda because Mr Lubinda reports to Mr Sata. Why is it that he is targeting whoever he thinks is possibly a better candidate or whoever was more popular than him?

“We know for a fact that Mr Lubinda is more noble than Mr Kabimba and the fact that Mr Lubinda has also maintained his parliamentary seat is no reason for the Secretary General to attack him even at Constituency level. Can Mr Kabimba tell us when the Party’s Central Committee sat to decide that Mr Lubinda should appear before the disciplinary committee,” he asked.

Mr Nkolola said it would have made great sense if Mr Kabimba had called and talked to Mr Lubinda in private rather than rushing to the media to resolve party issues because the use of the media shows the secretary general has no confidentiality.

He charged that it was Mr Kabimba who had forgotten the rules of the Patriotic Front because he had failed to resolve the confusion surrounding the Lusaka province leadership, then he went on to attack Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, then caused confusion in Chipata Eastern province and now he was after Mr Lubinda.

He accused Mr Kabimba of operating under unexplained circumstances and urged him to reconcile with himself before he could talk about other party members.

Mr Nkolola revealed that between 2009 and 2010, when Mr Lubinda was the party spokesperson, he was also accused of associating with other political parties but he was proved innocent.

“Wynter is scared of nothing and if he thinks he will be the next PF leader, he has lost it. He is always misinforming the President about people that do not agree with his ideas over the running of the party.

“He should not think that he is a star because the President defended him on the on going investigations at the Anti Corruption Commission but it’s a pity that the President has not realised that he has employed a traitor.

“He thinks he has more powers than anybody else in the party but he must bear in mind that the history of all former Secretary Generals of PF is on record and at least at one stage they all lost their senses and became victims of their actions,” Nkolola said.

He advised Mr Kabimba to find a better way of dealing with the differences in the party and also wondered how he could manage to resolve national issues if he always rushed to the media to discuss other party members.

Mr Nkolola also advised President Sata to check what type of a Justice Minister he has employed.

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