Phasing out of police traffic officers long overdue

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 11:47:15 +0000



THE phasing out of traffic police officers following the introduction of computer-based traffic management system is long overdue as officers were just enriching themselves by extorting money from motorists, Commuters Rights Association of Zambia (CRAZ) president, Aaron Kamuti has said.

Mr Kamuti welcomed the introduction of a Road Safety Management System that would utilise a centralised data to track vehicles for various offences throughout the country.

Mr Kamuti reiterated that the technology transfer was timely as it would save motorists from unnecessary loggerheads with corrupt traffic officers.

He said that traffic police officers were just extorting hard earned money from motorists instead of doing their job.

Mr Kamuti suggested that all traffic officers should be transferred to general duties following the launch of a system that would make the work that police officers had been doing on roads more efficient and more accountable.

“As CRAZ, we welcome the introduction of a computer-based traffic management system, that’s the way to go.

Honestly traffic police officers were just milking us out of our hard earned money. Mounting unnecessary road blocks so that they can extort money from motorists,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kamuti commended government for coming up with initiatives that ensure that lives were saved.

He noted that the country had been witnessing an increase in road carnages but that the new technology would lead to a reduction.

Mr Kamuti pointed out that traffic police officers were did not make much impact with regards to reducing crashes as their concentration was much on making money.

He expressed happiness that the introduction of a Road Safety Management System would do away with unnecessary traffic police presence on roads.

Transport and Commutation Minister, Brain Mushimba recently told the Daily Nation that the traffic system would now be self-policing as the technology that would be implemented would be able to do what traffic officers were doing.

Government launched the US$500 million development, installation and management of the Road Safety Management System under a public private partnership, with Intelligent Mobility System.

The Road Safety Management System is completely self-sustainable and will not require funding from the government.

The project does not involve any disposal of state assets and will be implemented on a “Build Operate and Transfer” basis.

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