POA to be applied in its current form- Kampyongo

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 08:47:01 +0000


THE Public Order Act will apply in its current form until amendments to the act are concluded by the Ministry of Justice, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said.

Mr Kampyongo said Justice Minister Given Lubinda had called for submissions of proposed adjustments to the Public Order Act (POA) from stakeholders adding that his ministry was waiting for conclusion of amendments.

Mr. Kampyongo told the Daily Nation on Tuesday that the POA was an important piece of law which ensured law and order during the holding of public events.

Mr Kampyongo who is Patriotic Front Shiwang’andu lawmaker urged political players to abide by the tenets provided for in the POA to avoid coming into conflict with the law.

“The Public Order Act is an important piece of law which guarantees regulation and order during public gatherings. It is important to know that where one’s rights end that is where the rights of others begin.

“The minister of Justice called for submissions from stakeholders to the Public Order Act and that is what I am waiting for, otherwise it will apply in its current form,” he said.

Among stakeholders who have made formal submissions to the act include Southern African Centre for Conflict Resolution and Disputes (SACCORD) and Network of African Peace builders (NAPBs.

SACCORD is among the organisations that have been vocal in the past year regarding the application of the POA.

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