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Tue, 13 Feb 2018 08:36:58 +0000


 THE country has great potential to eradicate poverty and stabilise the country’s economy through dialogue in resolving political affairs, a clergyman has advised.

Evangelist Gregory Chileshe who is also the founder of Christians Against Poverty in Zambia (CAPIZ), said the country was on the verge of losing its domestic stability because of sour relations between major political parties.

Mr. Chileshe warned that the current state of affairs was threatening investor confidence and needed to be addressed.

In a statement, Mr. Chileshe said: “Zambia can only prosper greatly when there is unity and not antagonism.”

He attributed the many challenges that Zambia was facing to some politicians’ lack of remorse.

The evangelist has further advised  the ruling PF that power comes with responsibilities and therefore should  be exercised responsibly.

“You are in power for a purpose, so use it for the better so that when you leave office for others, they will remember you,” said Mr. Chileshe.

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