Politicians in a 100% salary hike

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:42:20 +0000

Under a new law the Presidents emoluments and those of Ministers and Parliamentary Offices are approved by a standing Orders Committee of the National Assembly, unlike in the past when such increments were discussed and debated in the house.

As a result two statutory instruments involving the Presidents salary have been made this year. The first was made in March which brought the salary from K164million to K337 million and the second one in June which brought the increase to K376million.

According to the Statutory Instrument signed by the Minister of Finance Mr. A. B Chikwanda on 14th June 2012, the salary of the President has gone up by 129.55% from K164,000,000 which Mr. Rupiah Banda was being paid to K376,732, 876, which Mr. Sata is now earning.

The President’s special allowance has also gone up by 67 percent from 39,835,836 to K99,030,570.

Ministers and Members of Parliament have also enjoyed pro-rated benefits which have not been made public until now.
Unlike in previous regimes where changes to leaders emoluments were discussed in the full house, a special law was passed in which the president’s emoluments and those of Ministers and Members of Parliament are only discussed in the special committee of the National Assembly.

A Cabinet minister now earns K261,291,107.00 per annum while a member of Parliament is receiving K237,751,144.00.

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