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I am a great admirer of dissent and civilized forms of expression.  The only rider that I put is that every act of expression must not only be reasonable, but be laced with civility. Last week saw Republican Vice President Mrs Inonge Mutukwa Wina lead members of the Patriotic Front (PF) to lay wreaths on the tomb of late Republican President Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP).

The line or concern which caught me is the fact that all agreed that HE MCS was a unique man. A Peace lover and practitioner of forgiveness, he leaves many questions unanswered on those who “claim” that they religiously follow his footsteps. Many will recall that HE MCS strongly indicated that he shall govern Zambia based on the ten commandments of the bible. In his Wisdom, President Edgar Lungu declared 18th October as a National day of prayer and reconciliation. In reality, pushing the agenda of forgiveness a step further!

The point flowing from late HE MCS and through the Presidency of HE Lungu, is forgiveness and Love. How can one expect to be forgiven when they are in love with hate and evil? Yes, it is easy to point fingers, but what about those dark corner meetings and practices which do nothing but inflict physical or emotional pain?  The big lesson is; WE MUST CHANGE!! We actually have no choice but to change. Change the way we look at all key facets of governance.

If we do not change and refuse to change even when glaring revelations are made by the Auditor General – that it is ‘my democratic right to refuse to change’ then “change” will change us, in a manner that we have no choice. We have a choice now to change and navigate our own course of action. The beginning point is, Love, forgiveness and Zambia’s Top brand, PEACE! We have as a nation, gone through a lot of good and bad. What we decide to emphasize is what defines us.  We can choose to emphasize on the bad experiences or the good experiences.

This, my column is titled “positive vibrations”. My preference therefore is that we talk about everything but emphasize on the good. Just begin with the weather. We have in large a very good weather pattern. We have good and friendly people because even our misfits are ‘good people’. As a general rule affecting most humans, misfits are not peculiar to Zambia.  Other places too; have their share of misfits. We have rich soils and rich minerals.

The fact that we have allowed ourselves to be exploited is nobody’s fault. Do not point fingers but just know that as a matter of fact, nature never allows for a vacuum.  So, if we have no serious plans for our minerals somebody else will plan for them by buying the raw materials that then go into manufacturing.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has details of what we export and what we import. A basic ‘rule’ of evidence regarding “photocopies” is that the existence of a photocopy strongly suggests the existence of the original. Therefore, the fact that a nation is able to manufacture unreliable items; (very common in the case of car spare parts) it means that with a little push, commitment and dedication, that nation can actually manufacture reliable parts! Equally, when you cannot even manufacture what Zambians call gon’ga (fake) parts, then you cannot unfortunately, manufacture anything! Sad but true. So, let us use our copper advantage to diversify into agriculture where it is easier to add value.   The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) should take a deep analysis of the Zambian challenge, and be part of a Smart Zambia concretely. From October 1964, the Zambian government has endeavored to empower its nationals. Fast forward to FTJ’s era, the government privatized the economy and posterity is there for all to see how that process was structured to benefit the country or indeed individuals who participated.  I am a firm believer in equal pay for equal work. Whoever sells his or her skills must be PAID.

What I would object to is unjust enrichment or put simply, get rich quickly schemes ot State plunder. So, if it is true that needy Zambians are conniving with rich Zambians to derail the government home empowerment schemes; then we truly need to change and stop living for today but tomorrow and beyond. There is always a benefit in investing and not consumption. Check the inhuman practice of early marriages: How does it help our society?

What about rape or incest – Are they constructive or destructive abominations? I see no difference between these shameful acts with other inhuman and senseless actions or plans. Both local and international law frowns upon all forms illegalities, which we sometimes cover in legal and legitimate undertakings! Take early marriages, the perpetrators, who are parents, wish to cure an urgent material problem. This single act destroys a whole future and undermines society permanently. Every child is entitled to a future, meaning that the trustees who choose on their behalf must take the best interest of the child seriously. In the same way, we have an opportunity to get the support of the international community, through the likes of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and others who support the Zambia economic recovery program.

The program speaks to economic stability. I am told that the Zambian delegation that went to Washington did a commendable job and the rest is; moving away from talking to doing. It is my expectations that the technocrats will soon do their part and the Zambian people should do theirs.  What should the Zambian people do? •In my view, Zambians must individually and severally be patriotic and begin to interrogate whatever makes up Zambia. With respect to meritocracy, and all we do, we must put Zambia first and get a good deal away from unevenness. In other words I am challenging those who consider themselves as intellectuals to employ their tools in a manner that adds value to Zambia than mere judgments.

Radio discussion forums are good for public awareness. However, I see a challenge. For this challenge; just listen to some Radio discussion and you will note how the moderator swings debate towards an angle of comfort; while and in effect inciting listeners, under the guise of media freedom. Those moderators who are seen and known to be firm are accused of siding with the government of the day, yet the most profound reality is that nobody can talk about Human Rights or Civil Liberties when law and order has broken down. From where I stand, I hold the view that one cannot wish and work towards violence and still expect a government to “protect a dubious and illegally enjoyed right”. Let’s not forget the law of equity. She/he who goes to equity must go with clean hands!   It is practically impossible for Police to protect a law breaker and by this; I do not touch on fundamental God given rights. Just that, your rights, end where my rights begin and it is the duty of the State and at this material time in Zambia, Hon. Steven Kampyongo, to ensure that Law and order is maintained.      It is my submission therefore that it will hurt nobody to ensure that Radio commentators, stick to the topic and refrain from use of inflammatory language.

I put it to my Journalists friends, Media Houses, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) The Zambia Union of Journalists (ZUJ), the Commonwealth Press Union (Zambia Chapter) etc and the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to monitor all communications and ensure the law is upheld all the time. ZICTA, has its own mandate which must be followed religiously. The point here is that I have not seen a “window of relaxation of Zambian Laws in the 360 days of the year”. Law is law until changed! •Pray to God ceaselessly for guidance. Remember, Zambia is a Christian Nation. That is what we have given ourselves. When President Lungu declared October 18th as a day of worship, he was criticized and the whole good issue, politicized and almost heading towards the challenges of the referenda of 2016. Now that a New Ministry of Religious affairs has been created by Parliament, and President Lungu has taken a back seat after doing his part, we shall see what other excuse will befall next years’ prayers.

What does this tell us: We must change and change for the better! •Citizenship entails respect for laws, unless a law is repugnant to natural justice. Parents should advise their children to be disciplined and refrain from unnecessarily burdening the Treasury which responds when property is destroyed. Here, I do not only talk of biological parents but all citizens enjoying parenthood or guardianship. •Donors’, the World Bank (IBDR), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) and many others, will only remain attracted to Zambia if Zambians are committed to their country.  In short, Zambians have a duty and obligation to Zambia. •Let us therefore act in unison and dutifully accept the possible shocks and challenges that will accompany the 2017 National budget. Nobody will be ignored. See you next week! Comments: ngandem12@gmail.com SMS/phones 0977776191 and 0955776191

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