Probe socialist party, govt urged

Mon, 05 Feb 2018 15:03:51 +0000


Government should flush out the chief sponsor of the Socialist party and those who provide training in hiding, New Revolution Party leader Cosmo Mumba has advised.

Mr Mumba said  government should seriously  probe the agenda of people funding the newly formed Socialist Party following revelations that they are secretly recruiting military personnel,

The Socialist Party (SP) has launched an aggressive recruitment campaign targeted at teachers, defence and security forces with some generals and Zambia Air Force officers having attended recruitment training sessions.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda however warned against recruiting and training military personnel because it was against the law.

And Mr Mumba called on government to probe the true agenda of individuals backing the Socialist Party, adding that there was something fishy about the new party.

He reiterated that the Socialist Party had become a danger to the nation, following revelations that it was ready to break the law with impunity

Mr Mumba wondered why the new party had been hiding the people behind the curtains and how they were able to embark on an expensive recruitment campaign.

According to impeccable sources, coordinators of the training sessions would be offered K60, 000 each, with a down payment of K10, 000 apparently provided by a leader of one the opposition political parties in South Africa whose party is pushing for a socialist agenda in that country.

Mr Mumba insisted that the whole cartel backing the Socialist Party should be exposed and there true agenda known.

“Revelations that the Socialist Party launched a campaign to recruit military personnel, among others, should trigger government into action to find out the real agenda of these people. They have to find out who is backing such a party,” he said.

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